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What’s the value of a video linking strategy?


It's Not Just Keywords.

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Get Visitors & Turn Them Into Customers!

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We know you have a ton of choices. You can’t throw a stone without hitting three or four web design companies. Everyone claims uniqueness, awesomeness, and effectiveness, but how do you really know? We all use the same tools, and the better companies all meet the same standards for quality of website design and development; so what sets apart? Short answer: The Relationship.

Although not monogamous, we do like to build long term relationships. We take the time to get to know you. Your business. Your goals. Knowledge is power. The power to deliver results. It doesn’t matter what we’re talking about; website design, SEO, or online marketing, it all boils down to the same thing. Results. You’re not going to stay in a relationship that doesn’t make you happy. What would make you happier than results? Well, results and great ROI. That’s why we’ve been around for over two decades. Your success is the yardstick by which we measure our success.

In any relationship, both have to put in the effort. We want to work with you every month to grow your business and your web presence. We’ll hold your hand where appropriate. Keeping you up to speed and letting you know what we need to get the job done.

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It’s All About You and Your Company!

We Build

  • • Your Presence
  • • Your Potential
  • • Your Purview
  • • Your Priorities
  • • Your Progress
  • • Your Peace of Mind

Make Your Online Footprint
the First Step Toward Success

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Responsive Website Design


M.O.D. Sure it’s cool. A little rad maybe. It’s definitely not the 60’s. Message Oriented Design provides the blueprint for an effective web presence. Face it, you want a cool website…something hot. One that pops. But all show and no go won’t get the job done. Our web design savants know better. We consider your target market, your objectives, your branding. It’s your identity and your message we care about. Everything we do centers on getting your message across. Your whole message. We make the connection between your message and your viewers And that, converts those viewers into customers. More customers means more money in your pocket. Right?

We could go into the boring details of eye flow, balance, movement, composition and all sorts of web design fundamentals, but do you really have the time? You just want to know it works. Rampant creativity sounds great but in practice, not so much.

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E-mail Marketing

Using E-mail Marketing to Get Visitors &
turn them into Customers

Is it the four P’s of marketing or five? Since we’re mostly new school, we say five. Position, Product, Price, Place, and Promotion. Obviously we won’t be involved with developing your products, their prices or where you sell them. Unless you want to sell them online of course. No. We specialize in the first and the last. Position and Promotion. We help you position your company through solid branding and we’re mavens when it comes to promotions.

Since positioning is fairly new to the marketing scene and often forgotten when it comes to online marketing, a short explanation will help.

Position, in simplest terms, is how your business and products are perceived by your customers.

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Customer Loyalty Program


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Video Marketing

What You See is What You Get…
Especially With Video Marketing!

What’s the value of a video? Do you really need to ask? You see TV commercials everyday. Large companies spend large amounts of money on video marketing because it’s worth it. What may surprise you is that it’s the cost of buying airtime that makes TV advertising so expensive, not the cost of production.

Think about that for a second. What’s it mean if you don’t need to buy airtime? You got it…you can get the same benefit of video marketing without the huge expense!

The thing about video is that when done right, it quickly connects with your viewer for an emotional response. It sets up that knee-jerk emotional reaction before the viewer even gets the entire message. That’s fast.

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Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization…
More Than Just Keywords

Search Engine Optimization aka SEO aka Search. Ranking on the first page is now more important than ever…and infinitely more complex than ever before. Search engine optimization started out years ago as just some meta tags. Now, it’s grown into a monster that causes most companies to shoot themselves in the foot. Admit it, you’re thinking keywords. Right? Bad news, the term “keywords” no longer means what it once did. Whereas you used to have a meta tag named “keywords” and then used and re-used the keywords in your content for search engine optimization, now it’s a completely different animal. Enter Panda and Penguin.

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Social Networking

Stay In Touch With Your Customers
Through Social Media Marketing

If I tell two friends and they tell two friends and so on and so on. Remember the commercial? Talk about old school. Social networking [Social] has taken that to the Nth degree. Now, it’s more like if I tell five hundred friends and they tell five hundred friends…that’s a quarter million people before we hit the first “and so on”. Talk about social media marketing power. Your ability to build social reach in short order is literally amazing. The reality of the situation is if you’re not using social networking sites as marketing vehicles, you’re missing the boat.

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Social Networking

What Happy Clients Say About Us

Testimonials Five Stars

“NJYP is the company that you want working for your small business. Jeana and her staff are absolutely fantastic – they always respond to me at a moment’s notice, and their website ideas are creative and effective. NJYP created a brand new, gorgeous website for my small business and we are now at the top of every Google search. Since our new website went live, our monthly revenue has doubled!! I credit NJYP with our huge success. Thank you Jeana and staff at NJYP!!!”

Cory WaxmanVETERINAIRE PET CARE View on Google
Testimonials Five Stars

NJYP online is our go-to marketing service for the last 12 years here at Limani Seafood Grill in Westfield, NJ. Any news about the restaurant, menus, events, wine dinners, television and media coverage, NJYP is there for us to reach our customers and friends. Email blasts, website, Facebook, they do it all. Thank you NJYP for our long-term partnership and thank you Puneet for always doing an excellent and timely job.

George Limani Seafood View on Google
Testimonials Five Stars

“Choosing NJYP to design our website was the best business decision I made! The finished product exceeded my expectations and the proof is in the steady increase in our sales since the site launched a year ago. The staff is so responsive to any changes I ask for or ‘tweaks’ to keep our website interesting and informative. I have recommended NJYP to friends who have also been extremely satisfied with their product. I can’t say enough how quickly they responded when ever I’ve needed assistance or had questions. Great service!”

Joseph Myers,Chill Out Radiant Heat View on Google

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The Process


PlanProper planning prevents poor performance. Everyone knows that. We take it a step further by incorporating target market, goals, branding, functionality, budget, online marketing and the future. Yes, the future. Really. We take into account how you may want to grow and expand your site. We also try to consider likely changes in future technologies.

Design & Develop

DesignStep by step web design from concept to completion. We begin with a solid web design foundation based on your branding, style and message and then incorporate technologies that further your goals while making your website interactive and compelling. Once it's all put together, we refine and polish your website until it shines.


LaunchTest and test again. We dot every i and cross every t. No bug escapes unresolved and no site launched before it's ready. We encourage you to go through the content with a fine-toothed comb until you're completely satisfied. Once you approve the final web design, we make sure your website hits the ground running and stays that way.


Promote OK, you've launched. Now what? We crunch the numbers to determine the best media mix for your business, assemble collateral materials and then set the online marketing plan in motion. By working with you every month, we're able to stay on top of the results in order to adjust and manage your campaign continually for optimum results.

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