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Search Engine Optimization…More Than Just Keywords.

Search Engine Optimization aka SEO aka Search. Ranking on the first page is now more important than ever…and infinitely more complex than ever before. Search engine optimization started out years ago as just some meta tags. Now, it’s grown into a monster that causes most companies to shoot themselves in the foot. Admit it, you’re thinking keywords. Right? Bad news, the term “keywords” no longer means what it once did. Whereas you used to have a meta tag named “keywords” and then used and re-used the keywords in your content for search engine optimization, now it’s a completely different animal. Enter Panda and Penguin. Google’s friendly names for their search algorithms. To the uninformed, these are actually some big, scary animals. The wrong misstep can potentially get your website blacklisted. The biggest problem is that there is so much out-of-date and misinformation about search engine optimization that many companies are doomed before they begin.


Our SEO specialists wake up, roll over and give Google a nudge every morning. It's one of the reasons we're Semantic. Organic SEO relies on proper encoding standards, like w3c validated HTML, to make it easier for the search engines to read and index your website. That's just one of the best practices developed over the evolution of search engine optimization. Every website we design follows a variety of organic SEO best practices we've developed as a baseline. We're completely White Hat in our practices which is why none of our clients were negatively impacted when the last Google algorithm was released.


Beyond organic is our aggressive SEO. A managed search engine optimization plan that constantly evolves with your business, aggressive SEO is the program that gets you onto the first page. We research the terms your customers are searching for and use them as a starting point to develop effective words and phrases on which to focus. Specific matters. There’s no point having you rank outside your geographic area or for generic terms that won’t interest your customers. A broad search yields millions of results that may or may not have anything to do with your business. We present big-picture keywords that center on your particular business and message. After consulting with you, we create content and landing pages for your key terms along with server-side scripting and then begin collecting data. The ongoing and constant analysis allows us to tweak the program on the fly to hone the effectiveness and ultimately have your website rank higher and higher.

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