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M.O.D. Sure it's cool. A little rad maybe. It's definitely not the 60's. Message Oriented Design provides the blueprint for an effective web presence. Face it, you want a cool website…something hot. One that pops. But all show and no go won't get the job done. Our web design savants know better. We consider your target market, your objectives, your branding. It's your identity and your message we care about. Everything we do centers on getting your message across. Your whole message. We make the connection between your message and your viewers. And that, converts those viewers into customers. More customers means more money in your pocket. Right?

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We could go into the boring details of eye flow, balance, movement, composition and all sorts of web design fundamentals, but do you really have the time? You just want to know it works. Rampant creativity sounds great but in practice, not so much. Our web designers know through experience and education when to get wild and when to be tame. In the box, outside the box…we don't even realize there is a box. We just do whatever it takes to reach your customers and make them take action. Interpreting the demographics and psychographics of your target market lets us figure how to best present your message. Doing our job right means managing how your viewers think while they're on your website. Afterwards too.

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Since you have a handle on our approach to web design, let's talk about web development. They say "a bad carpenter blames his tools." Since we all use the same tools, what's everyone else's excuse? Every web design company of worth uses HTML5, CSS3, PHP, Javascript, WordPress, etc. It's amazing how some companies point out that they implement w3c validated HTML coding. Everyone does, well anyone who's paying attention. We follow coding best practices because of common sense. We're Semantic because it serves you better. We believe in a modular approach to make your site scalable and as future-proof as possible.

Website Design

We develop your website to meet your needs. Bells and whistles are great when they're effective. But, only the ones you need. The ones that make your site more intuitive, user friendly and compelling. Since we care about your budget, we look to save you money where possible. You may only need a mobile friendly website instead of a responsive site or a content management system (CMS) might be useless to you. Either way, we find out what you need and that's what you get.

Website Design

The bottom line is anyone can build a website really. Buy a book, buy a template, better yet download a free one. What does that get you? About the same as if your niece's boyfriend designs your site…just different headaches. That's why you're here. You want professionals. You want people who know their stuff. You want us. We've been around since the 90's and built a nice chunk of the net. Thousands of websites actually. We evolve over time keeping up with the latest trends and technologies. We specialize in both large and small business website design. We want to bring that experience, knowledge and talent to bear for you. We want to make you succeed. Online, success begins with solid web design.

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